Naute Sport | About


Designed with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Naute Sport sunglasses have the style and functionality to take you anywhere you want to go.

    • All Naute Sport frames are made of TR90 thermoplastic. Ultra light weight, ultra durable, and ultra flexible; TR90 is the ideal sport sunglass material.


    • Naute Sport is the #1 running glass brand in the US.


    • One year warranty on all models. Warranty covers manufacture defects or any damage to the frame or damage to the lens for other than scratches.


  • Lens Technology:
    • Anti-Fog: These glasses have a permanent anti-fog treatment that is applied at the factory for years of fog protection. This is a very popular feature for the active sunglass wearer.
    • Polarized: Polarized lenses are engineered to reduce glare and relieve eye strain. These lenses create a clearer view for the wearer and offer unmatched all day comfort.
    • Polatran: The ultimate in sport glass technology, these lenses are not only polarized but photochromatic to go from light to dark tint in the sun.
    • Polafog: These lenses are both polarized and feature a permanent anti-fog treatment.
    • Transfog: Photochromatic lenses that offer full UV protection, change from clear to smoke when exposed to sunlight, and are factory treated with a permanent anti-fog treatment.